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5 Reasons I Believe Christians Should Tithe

So here are the 5 Reasons I believe Christians should Tithe. 1. To advance, through financial support, the Mission of God: The church needs financial resources to fund its mission. We who are members of the church must give this support, to the best of our ability. 2. To foster fellowship: this is not readily […]

Thought for the day…

April 25, 2010 By Psalm46 What is in your heart will eventually be released from your mouth. April 15, 2010 By Psalm46 If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman. April 14, 2010 By Psalm46 Your miracle is on the other side of your frustration. April 12, […]

Prayer time…

I am asking all the saints that have witnessed or experienced the power of prayer to hold up Roxanne Adams and family in the loss of her husband and my beloved friend, John Adams.  I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to see him last evening.  He will be sorely missed.

Something juicy…

Some people are like a set of dentures.  They are always looking for something to chew on.

Look who’s Talking…

Let your life speak louder than your words!

Who are you trying to Impress?

Don’t seek to impress people, but seek to impress God.

Pretty Woman

A woman’s beauty cannot be measured in her lips, hips or nail tips, but rather in what comes out of her mouth.