History of Greater Works Ministries:

York W. Archibald
 Our Founder: Dist. Elder York W. Archibald 

From Our Pastor, District Elder C. Mark Avery…


The Lord Jesus has allowed us to serve the Kennett Square, PA area for [more than] 50 years. Much has transpired during this time and we can all agree that God has been good.

From the initial days of this ministry up until the present times, the Lord has established this Church as a viable and effective instrument of righteousness in the Chester County region. This ministry has stood steadfast and proven faithful in the midst of adversity, and continues to make an impact in the community.

Much of the success of Christ Temple [now Greater Works Ministries] can be attributed to its foundational structures of prayer and praise. A debt of gratitude for this must go the our founder, District Elder Archibald.

There is a high level of enthusiasm and excitement in our Church as we anticipate and prepare for God’s next pivotal move in our history. These are wonderful times…and we firmly believe that God is not through blessing us.

May you be blessed by the rich anointed Word of God, and remember, most of all…


You are welcome in this Place.



Christ Temple Church Family
Christ Temple Church Family 1958
Christ Temple Church altar
Inside Christ Temple Church
We acknowledge the following persons as charter members of the Christ Temple Church:


  • Deacon Harry E. Norton
  • Mother Catherine Norton
  • Bro. Everett Butcher
  • Sis. Joanne Norton
  • Deacon William Cramer, Sr.
  • Sis. Dorothy Boyer
  • Dist. Eld. William Cramer, Jr.
  • Mother Louise Cramer
  • Sis. Helen Stevens
  • Bro. James P. Norton
  • Sis. Ida Butcher, Sr.
  • Eld. Carl Butcher, Sr.
  • Sis. Anna Patton
  • Sis. Ida C. Butcher-Black
  • Sis. Carrie Kemp
  • Sis. Lorine Easley
  • Bro. Lewis Byrd