District Elder York W. Archibald
Pastor 1950 – 1975

Dist. Elder York W. Archibald

Elder Archibald was the first Pastor, and Founder of Christ Temple Church. He was born in Greensboro, NC, and was raised in a Christian home by his parents, the late Reverend James and Reverend Charity Douglas Archibald. Elder Archibald was a young minister living in Salem, New Jersey, when he was introduced to the “sheep” who were worshipping in the Norton home.

He was an employee of A. I. Dupont Co. of Deepwater, New Jersey, and a veteran of World War I, having served as a sergeant. He was married to Kathryn B. Archiblad. Throughout their lives they had separate church memberships. Sister Archibald was the Pastor of a church in New Jersey, and sometimes the two churches would fellowship together. They maintained their home in Salem the entire time he was Pastor. He would make the drive to attend every service, and was never late. He never took a salary, and members remember having to “force” him to take gas money every now and then.

He was a District Elder, and served as Treasurer in the Greater Pennsylvania State Council. He is remembered as a very distinguished man who carried himself with authority and Christian integrity. He was anointed to teach an preach, and the Church was blessed through his ministry. The Lord added many to the Church. Many people were baptized in Jesus’s name, received the Holy Ghost. He inspired many to make a change and live for God. The Lord called District Elder Archibald home to be with him on October 26, 1975.


Elder David Dupree
Pastor 1975 – 1980

Elder David Dupree

Elder Dupree was born on April 4, 1921. He was baptized in Jesus’s name at Pentecostal Bridegroom Temple in Philadelphia, PA. He was under the leadership of Mother Kathryn B. Archibald. He received the Holy Ghost at Morning Star Church in Camden, New Jersey under the leadership of the late Elder George Johnson. He was called to the ministry at the age of 221, teaching and preaching the Gospel from house to house. On April 4, 1940 he was united in marriage to Edna Goldston, and they were blessed with 8 children.

Elder Dupree is on of the original Church members. He was instrumental in introducing the late District Elder Y. W. Archibald to the families in the Unionville / Kennett Square area who were worshiping in the Norton home It was through the introduction that Elder Archibald became the Pastor and Founder of Christ Temple. Elder Dupree worshipped and ministered at Christ Temple of many years serving in many capacities. He and his family blessed many through their music ministry. Elder Dupree was always willing to use his many through their music ministry. Elder Dupree was always willing to use his talents praising the Lord with his guitar.

Over the years, Elder Dupree pastored several churches. He was called back to Christ Temple to “stand in the Gap” with Elder Archibald became seriously ill. Elder Dupree founded Mt. Zion Temple in Wilmington, DE and pastured for many years. Currently, he is retired from pasturing, but is still teaching and preaching the Gospel. He is still willing to explain the plan of salvation and the goodness of the Lord to those who are lost. Many people have been blessed to be baptized and saved through his ministry. He has only encouraging words for the Church and future generations. Elder Dupree is happy to have been a part of Christ Temple and it’s beginnings.


Elder Carl Butcher

Elder Carl Butcher
Pastor 1980 – 1984


Elder Butcher was born on August 20, 1922 in Kennett Square to the late Norris and Ida Butcher. He received his education in the Kennett Public attending a New Year’s Watch Meeting Service in the New Garden Memorial Church in Kennett Square. He was led by the Lord to get baptized in Jesus’s name by Bishop Hancock who was the pastor of the Broad St. Pentecostal Church of Oxford, PA. He later married Ida Whipple, and they were blessed with on son Carl Philip butcher.

Elder Carl Butcher

He was one of the original Christ Temple members. Elder Butcher was talented and blessed by God to play the piano and organ. He could always be found giving of his talent in many churches in Kennett Square, and the surrounding communities. Having been under the Archibald, he was called to the ministry at a young age. He traveled around the country preaching the Word of God.

It seemed that no matter where you went in the United States, everyone knew Elder Carl “Tody” known to many as “Uncle Tody.” He became the Pastor of Highway Gospel Church located in West Chester on Gay Street in the early 1960’s, and later returned to pastor Christ Temple. He enjoyed tirelessly working in the body of Christ so that others might come to know the true plan of salvation. He was always available to render service to pray for the sick, or assist with weddings or funerals. He was called home to be with the Master on April 12, 1984.


District Elder Allen G. Tate
Pastor 1985 – 1992

District Elder Allen G. Tate

Elder Tate is from the city of Indianapolis, IN. Formerly, he was a sergeant in the US Army. He is married to Jacquelyn Mills Tate, and they are blessed with on son, Timothy. While in the Indianapolis area he was an Assistant Pastor, National Evangelist, and National Bible Bowl Coordinator for the P.A.W.&nbsp.;

Elder Tate joined the Christ Temple family in December of 1984. He was installed as Pastor on April 27, 1984. Elder Tate is an anointed preacher, and teacher. While serving as Pastor he implemented new ministries, and had a heart for God’s people. Many people were saved, and reclaimed through his ministry. Under Elder Tate’s teaching many member received a clearer understanding of the Word of God, holiness, and sacrificial giving.

He later became the founder and Pastor of the Word of Life Church in West Grove, PA. Elder Tate is currently living in Indiana with his wife and son. He is still preaching and teaching the mighty Word of God.


Carlton Mark Avery early portrait

Overseer Carlton Mark Avery
Pastor 1993 – present
Our current leader, Overseer C. Mark Avery
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