A History of Our Locations
From the Homes of the Faithful:
Mill Road, Kennett Square, PA
1947 – 1950

In the late 1940’s, after the death of the late Elder John Read, Deacon Harry & Mother Catherine Norton opened up their home so that others could have prayer meetings and Bible study. Those families who worshipped together comprised of the Nortons, Cramers, Boyers and the Butchers. Elder David Dupree, a young minister from Salem New Jersey, would often travel to Kennett Square to attend prayer and Bible study. Accompanying him was an Elder York W. Archibald who is introduced to the prayer group. This would be the beginnings for a P.A.W. Church in the Kennett Square area.
Christ Temple
The Norton Home, Kennett Square, PA


Our First Location:
Unionville, PA
1950 – 1952

The small congregation of about twenty members knew that they needed to find a building in which to worship. Elder Walter Webster (Uncle Walter to many), knew of a small vacant U.M.E. Church building Unionville, PA. In 1950, the Lord smiled on them and permission was granted of the congregation to use the church, thus the beginning of Christ Temple Church. Having not been used for many years, it was in deplorable condition. The members joined together and with much prayer to clear the grounds of vegetation and paint. Having no heat or electricity, kerosene light were used and a pot belly stove for heat. Electricity came later. The Lord really blessed them the few years they were there.
Christ Temple
1st Christ Temple Church, Unionville, PA


Christ Temple Church:
East Birch Street, Kennett Square, PA
1952 – present

The congregation continued to grow. Mr. Joseph Boyer, father of Mother Catherine Norton, owned the property on which the Church presently stands, which we were blessed to purchase in 1952. He sold the land to Christ Temple Church in June, 1952 and construction began. Deacon Harry Norton and his brother, the late Bro. James P. Norton, husband of the late Mother Edith Norton, used their own homes as collateral to obtain a loan from the bank so that the Church could be built.
The congregation was blessed with carpenters and electrcians; the late Deacon William Bowers, (father of Bishop Paul and Bro. Raleigh Bowers), and the brothers of Bro. James P. Norton and Deacon Harry Norton. It was also blessed with a mason, Elder Austin Harrison, and a welder, Bro. John Treadwell. They were able to pass down their knowledge to many others who wanted to help erect this structure. As construction went on, services were held in the basement. We moved into the main sanctuary in 1955 and the Church incorporated on October 27, 1961.
Christ Temple
Christ Temple, Birch St., Kennett Square, PA