Ministries History

The Many Ministries of Greater Works Ministries have origins that span more than half a century through the hands and hearts of caring people have brought ministry to others. Below is just a glimpse of a few photographs from some earlier times.

…:::¬†Ministries History: Hospitality Ministry :::…


Hospitality Ministry
Hospitality Ministry (fr. 50th Ann., 2000)
Members serve as the official greaters for guests and visitors.

Cheryl Avery, Evang. Lydia Bowers, Wendi Box, Margaret Dry, Lawrence Durron,
Alicia Hicks, Margaret Hicks, Beverly Peterson, Elise Reeves, Helen Reevves, clarence Stevens.

…::: Music Ministry History :::…


First Choir
The First Choir of Christ Temple

The Inspirational Gospel Choir was born in 1950 out of combination of the Young People’s Choir and the Senior Choir of the Christ Temple Church. The late Mother Edith Norton and her brother, the late Elder Carl Butcher, Senior, were co-founders of the Christ Temple Church Inspirationals. Mother Norton directed and played for the choir, and served as the President of the Inspirationals for many years. The children of Mother Norton, Evangelist Rene Evans and Minister Sandra Ben, followed in their mother’s footsteps as they too became directors of the Inspirational Gospel Choir.

First Choir

Inspirational Gospel Choir 2000

From the 50th Anniversary Album

Under the direction of Evangelist Evans, the choir became widely known throughout Kennett and surrounding communities. The Inspirationals have been invited to sing at many of the churches in the areas and have participated in many community events. Many people have become acquainted with Christ Temple because of the Inspirational Gospel Choir.


Pastor's Choir
The Pastor’s Choir 2000
From the 50th Anniversary Album

The present day choir director is Lady Cheryl Avery. Under her direction, the choir continues to sing the praises of the Lord. Through the good times as well as the challenging times, with the help of the Lord the Inspirational Gospel Choir has held on more than half a century and will continue to lift His name through song!


…::: Praise & Worship Ministry History :::…


First Choir
Praise & Worship Ministry 2000
From the 50th Anniversary Album
Members lead parishioners and visitors in praise and worship during special events.