Affiliated Ministries

Greater Works Ministries Cooperates with, and invites you to support help for Haiti…


Haitian Discipling Center
Director Joseph Andre Rigaud  :  c/o Lynx Air  :  P.O. Box 407139  :  Fort Lauderdale, FL  33340

Haitian Discipleship Center


This caring ministry brings education, music, and joy to the children.
Our connection is love, our means is sharing.
Be part of this, reach out and pass on your blessings to others who are deserving.


Sponsoring a child for one month at the Church School

Cost per child   $8.00 – Teacher’s salary and books
Lunch $15.00


Angel Band:


Sponsor a child for music instruction per month.   $6.00



Send your any inquiries you may have, and your donations to the address above.
This is a worthwhile effort that needs your help.


Thank you!