To use all media of outreach to bring the Church to more people and more people to the Church, and to reach beyond our services with the message of Grace. By use of the spoken, written and recorded word we preserve our activities and keep others informed.
K. David Katzmire & Tacie J. Himelright
A. The Written Word:
1. Local Newspapers & Magazines cover the church on their own and are sometimes receptive to press releases.
2. Church Bulletins come in the form of weekly handouts for attendees of church services. Bulletins offer notes on upcoming events, lyrics to church songs, tidbits of infomration and interest, and more.
3. The Newsletter is our publication that features current and upcoming events, articles of interest, member’s writings and more. Although listed here, it is produced by a separate Newsletter Ministry.
4. E-Mail Group presents information on upcoming events (opt-out any time).
B. Audio/Visual Media:
1. Audio Recordings are made regularly of sermons, guest speakers in fellowship, Christian education and more. Many of these recording are cast on the Web.
2. Video Recordings are available regularly of sermons, guest speakers in fellowship, Christian education, praise and worship music videos and more. Many of these recordings are cast on the web.
C. The Internet:
1. This Web Site is produced by the Multi-Media Ministry.
2. Social Networks where you can follow us at:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, FourSquare
3. Our Blog Talk Radio program is where we cast selected audio recording of sermons, education & events. (Intro & Outro music: “Sing With Fire” by AMAH, royalty free music from
4. iTunes listings bring you our Blog Talk Radio broadcasts in a format that can be used on multiple devices.
5. Our YouTube Channel is where we cast selected video recordings of sermons, education & events.