Music Ministries

Greater Works Ministries Band 2013
Music Ministry

Above from left to right: Rufus Peterson (piano, organ, saxophone), Alex Peterson (organ & drums), Elaine Warren (piano), Ervin (Stacy) Warren (bass), Mark Avery II (drums & bass).
The Band: Some members of our congregation play in the live band that accompanies our Sunday services to guide our singing and help raise a joyous sound onto the Lord.
Our Many Choirs perform at the Church, have appeared at Longwood Gardens, sing at other churches and appear at special occasions.
Men's Choir
Men’s Choir from left to right:
Elder Rufus Peterson, John Davis, Lawrence Dutton, James Jones, Deacon Ervin Warren, Dana Tinnin, Deacon Harry Norton, Earl Nelson, Frank Hammond, Deacon Clarence Stevens, Elder Richard McKim.


Music Ministry
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Music Ministry
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Men's Choir
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Rufus Peterson

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