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Morning Celebration Services
are Held Each Sunday
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Service & Activity Times…
Greater Works Ministries Greater Works Ministries

Service Descriptions…
Bible Class: Each week we uncover a very vital topic/subject that is relative to one’s everyday
walk as a believer.

Bible Class at Praying Ground: A monthly lesson for the church that is overseen at 41 East 22nd Street, Wilmington, DE.

Christian Education Teacher’s Training: This is a monthly session for all Christian Education teachers geared for development
and strategic planning.

Corporate Fast Day: Every GWM member is asked to set aside this time to seek the Master’s blessing over Sunday celebration(s).

Destiny Awaites You (D.A.Y.) Classes: New Members Classes.

Discipleship Training: This Bible study class meets weekly at the Church. Child care is offered in the Church social room during class.

(Men’s Fellowship):
This is our monthly Men’s Fellowship (the Mighty Men).

Living Waters: Our daily prayer time at the Church.

Women of Wisdom: This women’s ministry meets at the Church on the 1st Wednesday of each month.


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