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Our Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to provide an atmosphere where God is glorified, members are edified, and our community is ministered to, spiritually and educationally, and enriched through the experience of abundant life.
We Are:
We are a diverse congregation of believers who passionately worship and vibrantly praise the Master. We incorporate various styles of worship in our “celebrations.”
We are striving to embody this kingdom mandate on our ministry. It is our chief desire to please the Lord wile addressing both the practical and spiritual needs of those within our reach. This ministry has withstood many storms and overcomes many obstacles over the years. Through them all we have seen the mighty hand of God in operation. For this we declare like the Psalmist, “If it had not been the Lord, who was on our side.”Is it good to know that we serve a faithful God.
As we move forward, we joyfully anticipate and expect continued manifestations of God’s power in our lives. The Master has wonderful things in store for each of us, and it is our desire to serve Him in excellence as we prepare for His imminent return.

May the blessings and favor of the Lord be upon each of you.

Agape’ C. Mark Avery, Pastor
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The greatest accolade that anyone could ever receive does not come from earthly pusuits. the Master has set the bar high enough for each of us to attain greatness in the sense of servitude to others. Therefore, we strive to be the kind of ministry that touches lives in a powerful and effective manner. Our greatest joy is anticipating hearing the master say, &dlquo;Well done.&drquo;

C. Mark Avery, Pastor

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C. Mark Avery & Family
Overseer C. Mark Avery and sons, Chandler & Mark Avery


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