Marketplace Survival Strategies – Lesson 1: You Are Anointed for the Job

Discipleship Training
Marketplace Survival Strategies
Lesson 1 – You Are Anointed for the Job
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
1 Samuel 16: 12-23

God has you placed in a particular place of employment for a reason. Whatever your question, whether you are a nursing assistant, janitor, accountant or computer analyst, you have been anointed by God to do what you are doing. This does not mean that you are stuck in this place for the rest of your life. Having this knowledge helps to create an awareness that you are on a journey. Thus, it is important to learn valuable life lessons to take with you.

In this lesson, we will examine David’s life at a key period and extract key principles that reveal God’s purpose/plans that are often nurtured and developed in challenging situations.

Key points:
~ God does not place us in battles that we can not win.
~ God often places in unfriendly environments to bring about changes.
~ God often launches us right in those places where our gifts can shine brightly.
~ God will show you what problems you have been assigned to attack.


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