Marketplace Survival Strategies – Lesson Plan

Discipleship Training
Marketplace Survival Strategies
Lesson Plan

Week 1 – You are Anointed for the Job
Week 2 – The Great Misconception
Week 3 – Embracing Change
Week 4 – The Role of the Vision
Week 5 – Avoid the Pollution
Week 6 – Working with Difficult People
Week 7 – Destiny Awaits
Week 8 – Achieving Great Results
Week 9 – Avoiding Cliques and Groups
Week 10 – Keep a Song Close By

Class will convene each Tuesday evening, with the exception of the 4th Tuesday of each month, at 7:30pm.

*Except of this series are taken from, “The Ten Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment“, T.D. Jakes


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